St Aloysius’ College culture and diversity is unique, your support will help keep it that way

Since its opening in 1879, St Aloysius’ College has provided a Catholic and Jesuit education to boys and young men from the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area. The College’s original location was in Woolloomooloo before moving in 1883 to Darlinghurst. In 1903 the College moved to its final location in Milsons Point. Being located close to the centre of the city with train, bus and ferry connections at the door, enables boys from across the greater Sydney Metropolitan area to attend the College.

In 2019 there are 1,260 boys (Year 3 – 12) attending the College from over 200 suburbs across the greater Sydney Metropolitan area. The low fee nature of the College means that we have a unique socio-economic, cultural, ethnic and geographic diversity – one that reflects modern Australian society.

When compared to similar schools in Australia, St Aloysius’ College is a low fee paying school. The Society of Jesus (the Jesuit Fathers and Brothers who own and run the school) have intentionally kept the fees of the College as low as possible to enable as many people as possible to send their sons to the College.

Comparable schools in Sydney are charging up to $39,000 per year for a day student, whereas our fees in 2018 are $16,848 per annum for the Junior School (Years 3 – 6) and $19,620 per annum for the Senior School (Years 7 – 12).

All funds for the capital improvement of the College are sourced from donations and investments held by the College Foundation. Most other schools included a capital component in their fee structure meaning that they have a guaranteed income each year for capital building works – this does not happen at St Aloysius’ College. The College relies on philanthropy to fund such improvements and gifts to the College are tax deductible.

The College is one of a handful of schools in Australia that offer a complete fee. Apart from private music lessons and a charge for the use of the iPad in the Junior School, there are no added extras included on the College fees. Unlike other schools, all excursions, retreats, camps, guest lecturers and local study tours are included in the core school fee – the advertised fee is the fee parents pay. No compulsory fees are charged in addition to the core school fees – there are no library fees, stationery fees or co-curricular (sport and non-sporting activities) fees at St Aloysius’ College.