How you can give and where you can direct your donation

There are many ways to show your support for the students of St Aloysius’ College. The College community is thankful for people like you, who embrace the College’s mission and make its goals attainable.

Please find below a number of ideas on how to support the College in its areas of greatest need.

The Aloysius’ Annual Fund

The Aloysius Annual Fund asks every member of the Aloysian Family to give a yearly tax-deductible gift to the College. These gifts are directed to projects that are above and beyond the normal College budget and if funded, are acquired in the year the money is raised. The Aloysius Annual Fund is the yearly (1 January – 31 December) effort to increase financial support for a wide range of programs that help St Aloysius’ College continue its mission – to form boys to become 'men for others'.

You can participate at a level that is comfortable for you, and it does not take a huge donation to have a big impact. When taken together, gifts to the Aloysius Annual Fund create one of the College's most significant sources of support. Each gift, regardless of size, strengthens the College and demonstrates a vote of confidence in a Jesuit education. Gifts to the Aloysius Annual Fund can also be made at any time via our secure online donations page.

The New Parent Pledge Appeal

In their first full year at the College all new parents to the College are invited to a dinner hosted by the Principal of the College, Mr Mark Tannock and the Rector of the College, Father Ross Jones SJ. These dinners have a two-fold purpose. Firstly, new parents to the College are able to meet the leaders of the College in a casual and intimate environment and secondly they are able to hear from the College leadership directly of the future plans for the College and how that will impact on their son(s) and family.

Following on from the dinner, parents are asked to make a yearly tax-deductible contribution to the Building Fund for their life as parents of the College. This annual gift will enable the College to keep its development plans on-track. Parents may also choose to donate to the Bursary or Library Funds.

Capital Gifts

When major College building works are planned, the College will seek the personal support of those members of the Aloysian family who are able to make transformational gifts in support of the development plans. These gifts are directed solely to the construction of new facilities at the College or the acquisition of additional land.

Corporate Matching Gifts

A number of Australian and international companies offer their employees a Corporate Matching Gift Program, where the company matches (either in full or in part) any philanthropic gifts made to registered charities by their employees. The College Foundation will remind known employees to apply to their employer for the Matching Gift Program, thus increasing the amount of funding available to the College without costing the donor anything.

Companies that currently offer a Matching Gift Program include Westpac Bank (and affiliated companies), Citigroup, Apple and Bankers Trust.


The College Foundation Office invites every member of the Aloysian Family to consider leaving a bequest to the College in their Will. Bequests (also known as Legacies) are particular items or sums of money given as gifts upon the death of a generous donor. After providing for your family and friends and once all debts and expenses are paid out, you may choose to leave a bequest to St Aloysius’ College.

The College Foundation Office can provide assistance to anyone considering leaving a bequest to the College in their will. A number of Old Boy and Parent solicitors have offered to write a will pro-bono (without charge) for anyone who includes a bequest to the College in their will.

Memorial Gifts

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of people who request that in-lieu of flowers at their funeral, family and friends make a donation to the College. Many choose the Bursary program as their preferred fund for donations. These ‘Memorial Gifts’ are a lasting way of remembering the deceased and a positive way of demonstrating our belief that through death comes renewal.