The St Aloysius’ College Foundation was established in 1989 by a group of Old Boys and Parents of the College to provide a professional long-term vehicle for the betterment of the College for all our boys.  The Foundation currently runs three main tax-deductible Funds:

The Building Fund – for the provision of new capital buildings and land acquisition and the renovation and remodelling of existing College facilities

The Library Fund – for the provision of books, computer software and other academic material that are used in the College Libraries

The Bursary Fund – for the provision of funds to maintain and expand the College Bursary Program (means tested scholarships). In 2011 a Bursary Endowment Fund was established as a part of the overall Bursary Fund. Gifts to the Bursary Endowment Fund will be invested for the long-term provision of funds for the College Bursary Program. Capital funds in the Bursary Endowment Funds cannot be accessed, only the interest will be used. Over time and through the ongoing generous support of the Aloysian Family, the Bursary Endowment Fund will become a self-funding entity and will fund the College Bursary Program in perpetuity.

The following Capital Developments have been completed at the College since the College Foundation was established in 1989. These wonderful facilities and programs are only possible through the generous ongoing support of the entire Aloysian Family:

Year Capital Development
1991 Purchase of the old Milsons Point Public School site in Burton Street, Kirribilli
1993 Renovation and extension of the old Milsons Point Public School and its transformation into the new site of the St Aloysius’ College Junior School (Year 3 – 6)
1995 Construction of three computer laboratories
1996 Renovation of Wyalla and the construction of a new wing on the Wyalla building that houses the Bellarmino (a university style lecture theatre), two specialist Science Laboratories and a Year 12 Common Room
1997 Renovation and Extension of the Pavilion at The College War Memorial Oval in Tyneside Avenue, Willoughby
1998 Construction of the new Senior School Library, The Kircher Library
2000 Renovation of the College Administration area and creation of the Richie Fernando SJ Centre for Pastoral Care and the construction of the Andrew Pozzo SJ Centre for Visual Arts
2002 Construction of four Computer Laboratories (one in the Junior School and three in the Senior School) for core curriculum use and the construction of a specialist Music Computer Laboratory
2004 Construction of a new College Canteen in the Senior School
2005 Construction of the Miguel Pro SJ Playhouse, a theatre-in-the-round for College drama performances
2010 Renovation and extension of the Junior School building with the construction of The Arrupe Centre (a multi-purpose hall), specialist Music classrooms and rehearsal rooms, a Science Laboratory for Years 3 – 6 and sports equipment storage facility
2011 Construction of Dalton Hall a new building on the Wyalla site.  Dalton Hall houses a four lane 25 metre indoor heated swimming pool, a comprehensive weights and cardio studio, the College Uniform Shop, a new Gymnasium and championship basketball and volleyball court, eight new classrooms and five specialist tutorial rooms.  In the senior School, a new outdoor plaza area was constructed adjacent to The Boys’ ChapelPlaza Guimera is used for pre and post Mass gatherings and as a quiet zone for boys to enjoy their recreation time.

Since 1989 the College Foundation has funded new capital developments and the renovation and extension of existing facilities at the College as well as land acquisition, totalling more than $40 million. Of this total, $25 million has been spent since 2005.

Thanks to the wonderful support of the Aloysian Family, the College does not have any capital loans or mortgages on any development work at the College.

Since 2001 the College Foundation has provided over $900,000 to the College for the acquisition of new academic materials for the College Libraries through the Foundation Library Fund.