A few simple answers to common questions about the role of the Foundation Office

Q. Why does St Aloysius’ College ask for gifts in addition to charging school fees?

A. The fees charged by the College do not incorporate a capital component, thus all funds for the construction of new educational facilities must be raised through fundraising. The College also charges an inclusive fee – apart from private music lessons, no other charges are added to our fees for IT Levies, Library Fees, excursions, camps retreats etc.

Q. How are gifts to the College used?

A. Gifts to the College support the Building Fund, Library Fund or the Bursary Fund (according to the donor’s wishes, and enable the College to build and renovate facilities as well as acquire additional academic resources that are above and beyond the normal College budget process.

Q. How much should I donate?

A. All gifts to the College, no matter what size have a lasting and positive impact.

  • $100 is enough to provide library books to the Junior School
  • $500 can fund the microscope repair and maintenance for a Science class
  • $1,500 purchases a new piece of specialist gym equipment
  • $3,500 means an investment in a new computer program for the Mathematics or Art Departments
  • $5,000 is enough for the Music Department to acquire a new instrument
  • $20,000 provides a year’s tuition costs for a boy on a Bursary
 Your contribution today may be the catalyst for a student's contribution to the world tomorrow.

Q. How can I make a gift?

A. You can support St Aloysius’ College by making a gift of cash, appreciated assets, or bequests. To make a gift today, please call the Foundation Office on +61 2 9936 5561. To make a gift online, go to our secure online gift portal

Q. Why is my participation important?

A. Regardless of the size of the gift, every gift counts. Maximising participation is not only a testament to our donors’ belief in what we are doing, it is a statement to current and prospective students that St Aloysius’ College comprises a community actively involved in the advancement of its mission and the provision of the best education possible for current and future generations of Aloysians.

Q. Who can I contact if I have a question about my giving, need a duplicate receipt or want to see if I have paid my pledge?

A. If you have a questions about giving, need a printed receipt or inquire if you have paid your pledge, call the Foundation Office staff on +61 2 9936 5561.