Keeping the College at the forefront of education while preserving a rich heritage

The role of the Foundation Office at St Aloysius’ College is the advancement of the College as a Catholic and Jesuit boys’ school alongside the preservation of the traditions and heritage of the College.

The Foundation Office works closely with the St Aloysius’ College Old Boys’ Union (SACOBU), the St Aloysius’ College Parents and Friends Association (P&F), St Aloysius' Past Parents Association (SAPPA), College staff and other groups within the Aloysian family.

The Foundation Office is also the registered office of the St Aloysius’ College Foundation Limited (The College Foundation) which was established in 1989 by a group of Old Boys and Parents of the College. The College Foundation is the primary fundraising and investment vehicle for the College and is registered with the Australian Tax Office to provide tax deductible receipts for donations to the Building Fund, Library Fund and Bursary Fund.

The gift of choice

The College is grateful for every gift and offer you the chance to choose where it goes. St Aloysius’ offers three tax-deductible Funds to which you can direct your donation. Choose the one you prefer to support.

The Building Fund 
For the provision of new capital buildings and land acquisition and the renovation and remodelling of existing College facilities. Since 1989, new capital developments and the renovation and extension of existing facilities at the College as well as land acquisition, totals more than $45 million. Of this total, over $30 million has been spent since 2005.
The Library Fund 
For the provision of books, computer software and other academic material that are used in the College Libraries. Since 2001 the College Foundation has provided over $900,000 to the College for the acquisition of new academic materials for the College Libraries through the Foundation Library Fund.
The Bursary Fund 
For the provision of funds to maintain and expand the College Bursary Program (means tested scholarships). To date, the Bursary fund has contributed to the education of hundreds of boys.

All donations to St Aloysius’ College, regardless of the size, make a positive difference. They have provided the opportunity for many young men, for whom it would not have been economically possible, to receive the gift of an Aloysian Jesuit education. They enable the College to build and renovate facilities as well as acquire additional academic resources that are above and beyond the normal College budget process.

Opportunities to Donate

Members of the Aloysian family are given several opportunities to donate throughout the year.

They are:
The Aloysius Annual Fund The Fund asks every member of the Aloysian family for a yearly, tax-deductible gift to the College.
The New Parent Pledge Appeal New Parents attend a dinner in their first year at the College and hear about future plans for the College and how they can help.
Capital Gifts When major College building works are planned, the College will seek support from the Aloysian family.
Corporate Matching Gifts A matching program run by several Australian and International companies to support their employees’ charitable donations.
Bequests A bequest makes a positive, life-changing contribution to future generations of Aloysians.
Memorial Gifts Members of the Aloysian family can request that mourners make a memorial gift to the College.

Each generation at the College has benefited from the generosity of the generations that went before it, and through continued fundraising efforts, more generations will benefit as well. Maintaining the facility, meeting the challenges of technology and most importantly, providing this education to all who desire it are just a few of the challenges and inspirations that keep us focused on the need to raise money.

If you would like to make a gift to the College please click here.

Donations Policy


The Principal, Rector and Board of St Aloysius’ College welcome offers of donations of all sizes, whether in connection with specific campaigns or to add to the College’s endowment, as these enable the College’s continuing development over the long term.

Donations must be freely given with no expectation of anything in return other than due thanks and recognition. The College is pleased to accept lawful donations which are given in good faith and which are compatible with the aims, objectives, values and strategic objectives of the College, the Society of Jesus and the Catholic Church. As the College values and safeguards its autonomy, integrity and reputation, a donation cannot be accepted when a condition of acceptance would compromise these fundamental principles.

Australian Independent Schools USA Foundation

Australian Independant Schools USA Foundation logo

The Australian Independent Schools USA Foundation (AISUSAF) was established in 2006 and the College is a founding affiliate of the organisation. The AISUSAF is incorporated and holds 501 (C) (3) tax deductible status.

Members of the Aloysian family who have a tax liability in the United States of America (US citizens and those with dual-nationality or ‘Green Cards’) are able to make gifts via the AISUSAF and receive an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Receipt. For further details, please visit the website.

Major Annual Fundraising Event 2018 - Trivia Night