A strong community of Parents and Friends supports the College

The St Aloysius’ College Parents and Friends Association (P&F)

For many Aloysian families, the defining memory of their time at St Aloysius’ College is the strength and warmth of its community and its spiritual heart. St Aloysius’ College enjoys a reputation for being a caring and friendly school and relationships at the College run deep, filling lives and lasting lifetimes.

A sense of community embraces spirit, character, image and pride, and is a vital element of a healthy College environment for our boys, staff and parents. It is a feeling that people matter to one another with a shared faith that our needs will be met through commitment and togetherness. Being part of our community can make us feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves. The St Aloysius' P&F Association welcomes all families, old and new, to the Aloysian family. It is our hope that parents embrace all the opportunities that come with being a part of the St Aloysius’ College community. 

The St Aloysius’ College Parents & Friends Association (P&F) is a voluntary organisation that supports the College in the promotion of community and hospitality. We organise and host social events including the annual Commencement Party, Year Group masses and morning teas, Year Group parent functions, sports dinners, second-hand uniform and book sales. Perhaps one of the most important functions of the P&F is the ongoing and discreet pastoral care of our families in need. 

General Meetings are held each term and we aim to hold these in conjunction with a Parent Forum where a guest speaker will present on a topic of interest, usually relating to education and pastoral care of our boys. All parents and carers are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings. Each P&F Committee is elected at the Term IV Annual General Meeting. The P&F Committee meets monthly and works closely with the College to implement our objective of building a strong community.

Being involved will serve to strengthen our community and support your family through your Aloysian journey. 

We warmly welcome members of the College community to participate in our activities, either as a Committee member or as an event volunteer. Please contact the P&F President for further details.

Please email the P&F for further information
[email protected]