A strong community of Parents and Friends supports the College

The St Aloysius’ College Parents and Friends Association (P&F)

For many Aloysian families, the defining memory of their time at St Aloysius’ College is the strength and warmth of its community and its spiritual heart. St Aloysius’ College enjoys a reputation for being a caring and friendly school and relationships at the College run deep, filling lives and lasting lifetimes.

The purpose of the P&F is to build and maintain those relationships and, in doing so, nurture a vibrant, welcoming community that supports the College, our sons and each other. We are a “friend-raising” organisation, not a fundraising one!

The P&F has a broad reach and its work is embedded in many parts of College life: from pastoral care for parents and their families, to organising liturgies, social events, special dinners, and running second-hand book and uniform sales. 

We are a vital communication pathway between the College Executive and the College community. 

President, St Aloysius’ College Parents and Friends Association
Liz Laukka
[email protected]

Manresa and The Gonzagan

Key sources of information for parents can be found on the College intranet, Manresa, and the weekly electronic newsletter, The GonzaganThe Gonzagan is emailed to all parents each week during the school term and the P&F column includes details on upcoming events and other important information.

Access to Manresa is via a login name and password that is provided by the College. This login will take you to the Parents’ home page. From here you can access links to the College calendar, class lists and staff contact details. There are P&F information pages with guidelines on how to organise various class functions and there are also many useful pages within Manresa where you can update your contact details, access your son’s timetable, find school forms, and so on. 

The Student News section under the Students tab is also helpful.

Weekly P&F Newsletter

In 2017, the P&F began producing a weekly P&F Newsletter which is an at-a-glance, one-page summary of what is happening in the coming week, in both the Senior and Junior Schools. This is sent out every Friday afternoon and summarises the various social events, camps, excursions and exam periods that may affect your week as a parent.

Access the current issue of the P&F Newsletter (login required)

2018 P&F Main Activities

  • The P&F holds its Executive meeting on the first Friday of every month in the The Juana Mateo Room (term time only)
  • New Parents Welcome Morning Tea in the foyer of The Great Hall, in the first couple of weeks of Term I.
  • P&F whole School Commencement Party in The Senior School Courtyard, about half way through Term I.
  • Family Mass and Morning Teas for each Year Group, spread over the year
  • Year Group social functions, spaced throughout the year
  • Mother and Son Mass and Mothers Day Dinner, both in May
  • Father and Son Mass and BBQ, near Fathers’ Day in September
  • Coordination of the Year 12 Morning Tea, Year 12 Valete Dinner and Yearbook, at the end of Term III.
  • Year 6 Mass and Graduation Dinner, held in November
  • Second Hand Uniform sales, at the end of each term
  • Second Hand Book Sales, at the end of Term IV
  • Teachers’ Morning Tea, held in November
  • Worlds Biggest Morning Tea (in both the Senior and Junior School), held at the end of May
  • Christmas Carol Festival BBQ, late November

P&F General Meetings and Forums

The P&F has a General Meeting and Forum once per term. All parents are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings. The meeting agenda includes reports from the P&F leadership team, the Principal and the Rector. It is a great opportunity for parents to find out what is happening at the College and to share ideas or raise any queries. 

At the conclusion of business, there will be a presentation by a speaker on a topic of interest to the parent body.

Meeting and Forum Dates for 2018 are as follows:

Wednesday, 22 August at 7.00pm in The Bellarmino ( Wyalla) 
Wednesday, 24 October at 6.30pm Annual General Meeting (AGM) in The Dining Room, Level 4, Senior School

P&F Executive Committee – 2018

The P&F Executive, elected at the AGM each October, is made up of a group of people who manage the affairs of the Association. 

For 2018 they are:
Position Name
Chairperson Erin Shiel
President Liz Laukka
Vice President/President Elect Peter McNamara
Vice President/Pastoral Care Phil Winters
Secretary Joanne Marchione
Assistant Secretaries Simone Spitznagel
Lynne Johnson
Treasurers Alison O'Flynn
Catherine Dean
Senior School Logistics Kristina Lawton
Junior School Logistics Silvana Scarica
Co-curricula Liaison Michael Pollack
Pastoral Care Committee Edwin Lapitan
Teresa Lee
Mark De Vera
George Dimaris
Marie-Celine Chery

Year Co-ordinators and Class Parents for 2018

At St Aloysius’ College, the P&F enjoys the support of a large group of parents who volunteer annually to assist the P&F with various functions. Each Year Group has a Parent Year Coordinator, who works with representatives from each class to organise the various College functions and disseminate information for the P&F.

Taking on the role of Parent Year Coordinator or Class Parent is a great way of making friends and helping in the life of the College.

The P&F can be contacted via email at [email protected] , as well as via the P&F mailboxes located at the Junior and Senior School Reception areas