For many students commencing in 2020 this may be the first time that they have needed to travel independently.

All new students joining the College in 2020 who are eligible for subsidised travel must apply for a School Opal card. The School Opal card gives eligible students free or discounted travel between home and school, using train, bus and ferry services you nominate in your application.

New applications for travel in 2020 will be accepted from the beginning of Term IV, 2019.

There are a number of different ways to travel to St Aloysius' College. To plan your son's travel to the College please visit the Transport for NSW Trip Planner, ensure you include 'More options' so that you include school buses in your search. Please note, that when using an Opal Card, the afternoon journey must be the same as the morning journey.

You cannot apply for two modes of transport for the same leg of the journey. If you have a CHOICE between two modes of transport, you may only choose one. Compare timetables and choose the most suitable for your son and family situation. Transport for NSW will return applications to parents if you apply for more than one mode of transport. For any activity before or after school, if the normal mode of transport is not available, your son must pay his fare if travelling by a different route or different mode of transport. He cannot apply for a travel pass for a different route for these days. If your son catches any form of transport other than the one his ticket is programmed for, he must pay the fare.

For more information regarding the School Opal card, including how to apply and the online application form please click here. Please note Transport for NSW will only be accepting new applications for Term IV, 2019.

Once you have completed the online application, the College will be notified by Transport for NSW and will endorse the application for processing. Transport for NSW will forward your son(s) School Opal card directly to you once it has been processed. Please note that the College cannot assist with enquiries regarding the status of applications for travel passes. All enquiries regarding your son's School Opal Card should be directed directly to Transport for NSW on 131 500.

Ferry Applications

All ferry applications must be approved by Transport for NSW, Administrator of the School Student Transport Scheme. To avoid delay in the processing, a letter of appeal (stating why your son needs to travel by ferry) must be attached to the application form(s) and submitted with your online application.

Check ferry timetables morning and afternoon. Co-curricular activity often makes the bus/train option more suitable. To apply, attach a letter of justification to the School Opal card online application. Transport for NSW may take longer to approve or reject  ferry applications. Meanwhile, unless you intend paying the ferry fare, apply for the alternative bus/ferry passes as well.

Shared Parenting Requiring Multiply School Opal Cards

If parents live at separate addresses and you wish to apply for travel to both residences, Transport for NSW requires a copy of the Family Law Court ruling or if the matter has not gone to the Court a statutory declaration from each parent specifying the time share arrangements for the student (for more information refer to the School Opal card website)

For more information regarding the School Student Transport Scheme please click here.

Note: If you have another son who is a CURRENT 2019 St Aloysius’ College student, his School Opal Card will automatically be renewed. However, current St Aloysius’ Year 6 students transitioning to the Senior School for Year 7 2020 do need to apply for a new School Opal Card by completing a new application. The online application form is available on the School Opal Card website.