For Parents

I want to know how my son is settling in and progressing at St Aloysius’ College

Your son's Pastoral Mentor will be the first point of contact for all student and parental queries and concerns. Your son's Pastoral Mentor will contact you in 2020 to introduce themselves and provide contact details. The Pastoral Mentors work closely with the Heads of Year to ensure student wellbeing. In collaboration with your son's Pastoral Mentor, the Head of Year holds the primary responsibility for supervising the pastoral care of your son. Heads of Year work in partnership with a range of staff at the College, all of whom unite in the spirit of Ignatian formation to prioritise the individual student’s welfare. The Head of Year is also responsible for daily administration, including attendance and absence. You can email or call the Head of Year to raise any concerns you might have. 

My son is experiencing some academic difficulty in a subject

You can contact your son’s teacher by sending an email or by calling and leaving a message. The teacher will contact you to discuss your concerns and develop some strategies to assist. Referral can be made to the Learning Enrichment staff for additional support or the teacher may be able to arrange a mentor to assist your son.

Other points of contact are: Ms Cath Horan, Dean of Studies; Mrs Kate Quinane, Director of Teaching and Learning or Mr John Williams, Head of Senior School.

My son is experiencing some social or emotional difficulties at school

Contact your son’s Pastoral Mentor, Assistant Head of Year or Head of Year and share your concerns. Encourage your son to speak to their Pastoral Mentor, Assistant Head of Year, Head of Year, Chaplain or another member of staff who they feel comfortable with. If your son requires additional support then a referral to the College Counsellor or Psychologist can be made. If you feel that your concerns have not been adequately addressed then please contact Mr John Williams, Head of Senior School.

My son will be absent for the day

Please email or call your son’s Assistant Head of Year. Contact details are available on Manresa. Please contact the College by 9.00am. A note from home should be provided explaining the absence the next day your son returns to College.

My son is sick at school

If your son is unwell in the morning before leaving for school he should remain at home. Should he become unwell during the day he will be sent to the Student Supervisor. If he is too unwell to stay at school the College will contact you to collect him and take him home.

My son has a planned absence for an extended period of time

All requests for extended periods of leave must be made in writing to Mr John Williams, Head of Senior School by using the Application for Extended Leave - Travel or Holiday . The request should be made well in advance.

My son needs to attend an appointment and has to leave early

Please notify your son's Assistant Head of Year by phone or email. When possible please collect your son from the College.

My son has lost his Student Opal Card

You will need to apply for a new Student Opal Card on his behalf. Applications are made online via NSW Transport please click here.

My son loses an item of uniform

Prior to commencing at the College please ensure that all items of clothing and personal belongings are clearly marked with your son’s name. Should your son lose an item of his belongings, he should check lost property or ask at reception or the Student Supervisor if anything has been handed in.

You can purchase uniform items from the Uniform Shop. If you have a Bob Stewart Credit Account your son can purchase the uniform on his own without any money or credit card details. Your son will be required to sign on the invoice after every purchase, and an invoice will be sent to you from the Melbourne head office on a monthly basis. You are also able to order uniform online. For more information please contact the Uniform Shop.

Our family contact details have changed

If there is a change to the family situation and there are Court Orders or other orders in relation to this change please ensure that the College is provided with a copy of those documents. Please forward an email to the College Registrar via the Registrar.