The College’s primary means of communication is via the College’s intranet known as Manresa. It is essential students and parents familiarise themselves with Manresa and access it regularly as it stores so much relevant material for both curricular and co-curricular activities and events.  

The College will provide all families with unique family login details prior to the commencement of Term I, 2020.

The Gonzagan – Weekly Newsletter

Each week the College publishes a newsletter detailing what has happened at the College that week and advising of dates for special events that will be occurring such as Family Masses, Book Week etc. The newsletter is distributed via email. Copies of the newsletter are also available through Manresa.

College Diary

Each student will receive a College Diary on the first day of Term I. All major dates are in the diary as well as general information. The Diary is designed to help students organise their homework and study time. In it they must keep the details of all homework.

The College Diary is the prime means of contact within the College between teachers, it is also the primary contact between teacher and parents and records all absences, late arrivals etc. Parents are requested to review their son’s Diary regularly.

The Diary must be with students at all times when in the College and must be produced when it is requested.

Daily Notices - Aloys' Daily

Throughout the Senior School there are display screens which provide daily student news for all year levels. These may also communicate last minute training changes. The digital displays are referred to as the Manresa Bulletin.  It is important that your son checks the bulletin boards on a daily basis so he is aware of what is happening.

Phone Messages for Students

Phone messages for students should be for matters of great importance only. Students are allowed to use the College phone located at reception in case of emergency.

Mobile Phones

The College asks students to minimise valuable items brought to the College to ensure they are not lost or misappropriated. If students do bring these items to the College, they need to acknowledge responsibility for them, both in ensuring the manner in which they are used is in keeping with the College’s defined expectations, and secondly that they take care of those belongings to ensure their safety and security. 

In regard to mobile telephones, while we acknowledge the need for students to possess them, as with most schools they are not to be used during the school day. Senior School students are not to have access to their mobile phones during the course of the school day. Mobile phones are to be switched off in the morning and placed into lockers for the duration of the day. Students in Years 11 and 12 are permitted limited access to their mobile phones at lunch only.

We ask that parents support this policy by minimising contact with their son during the day. In an event that students need to communicate with parents, or parents with their son, calls can be directed through the College reception. Finally, while every effort will be made to locate a lost /stolen or misplaced phone, the College does not accept responsibility for their loss.