The School Day

Students are expected to attend school unless they are unwell or unable to attend. The school times in the Senior School are as follows:

Before 8.20am 'Swipe on' in Head of Year's office
Students use their ID cards to 'Swipe on'
ID cards will be issued at the beginning of 2020
8.30am - 8.45am Pastoral Period
8.45am - 9.40am Period 1
9.40am - 10.35am Period 2
10.35am - 10.55am Recess
10.55am - 11.50am  Period 3
11.50am -12.45pm Period 4
12.45pm - 1.20pm Lunch
1.20pm - 2.15pm Period 5
2.15pm - 3.10pm Period 6
3.12pm Dismissal

Absence and Lateness

Students should, for the most part, arrive between 8.00am and 8.20am. Students are to swipe their student card at their Head of Year's office once they arrive at the College. Students will be issued with ID cards at the beginning of Term I, 2020.

Students late to the College must report to the Student Supervisor and present their Diary for signing if they cannot access their Head of Year's office. Five late arrivals in one term results in a detention.

Assistant Heads of Year are responsible for the maintenance of the attendance register for each Year Group. They need to be notified prior to 9.00am via telephone or email of an absence, for any given day. Please see details under College Contacts for the relevant number to call. Should your son not be present at school and you have not notified the College of his absence an SMS will be sent to both parents advising of your son's absence. Upon return to the College, students must present their Head of Year with a written note explaining the absence.  

Should your son need to leave the College early please notify the College in writing via email. Students should, when possible, be collected from the College by a parent or guardian.

College Statement on Incidental Leave

There will be occasions when prevailing family circumstances may lead to parents seeking some form of approved leave from the College for a nominated period of time. All such requests are to be made in writing directly to the Head of Senior School using the online form "Application for Extended Leave - Travel or Holiday which is available via the College intranet, Manresa. These requests will be considered on an individual basis by the Head of Senior School and permission granted based on compassionate, family circumstances. Please note that all such requests are filed and need to be submitted to government authorities, if required.

With respect to late or early leave from term, our request is that parents are mindful of the fact that our holidays are consistent with Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA) guidelines. Extending holidays to take advantage of cheaper air fares is not a valid reason for a request, given the already generous amount of holidays allowed for our schools.