The wearing of a school uniform is an outward presentation of pride and respect for both self and the College. The wearing of the College uniform is compulsory for all students.  

All new students commencing at the College need to make an appointment with the Uniform Shop on 9955 4193 for the fitting of their uniform. The Uniform Shop will be open on Orientation Day but no appointments for fittings will be made on that day. Further information regarding the Uniform Shop and price list is available here.

Summer Uniform (compulsory Terms I and IV)

Shirt Khaki, short-sleeved shirt
Shorts Khaki shorts with half elastic waist.  
King Gees and Stubbies etc are not acceptable
Shoes  Black, leather lace up
Tie College tie
Jumper College grey v-neck jumper (optional). 
In summer the jumper may be worn as the outer item outside of the College grounds
Socks College socks
Garters  For socks
Cap  College crested cap

Winter Uniform (compulsory Terms II and III)

Suit Coat College grey suit coat with embroidered College crest                                                          
Trousers  College grey short
Shirt  White long sleeved
Socks College socks
Shoes  Black, leather lace up
Tie  College tie
Jumper College grey v-neck jumper (optional).
In winter the jumper must NOT be worn as the outer garment outside College grounds.
Garters  For socks
Cap College crested cap

Sports and Physical Education Uniform

Top House polo shirt or College sport polo                
Shorts College multi shorts
Socks  College sport socks or plain white socks
Tracksuit  College tracksuit
Shoes  Trainers with light-coloured souls

Each student is a member of a House. Students have a House t-shirt as part of their sports uniform, which can be purchased from the Uniform Shop. Students will be advised of House allocation later in the year.

Students will also require the correct uniform for their nominated summer and winter sports. Please do not purchase any sport uniform until your son's sport has been confirmed and he is allocated to a team. Students must wear the correct uniform at Saturday games. Students must have the College tracksuit, which they wear to matches during the winter season.