Forming young men for others

The College aims to graduate young men who are men for others.  The religious life of the College aims to reinforce and deepen each students faith and to build on the Jesuit tradition of a faith that does justice.

College liturgies are an important celebration of the College community. They play an important role in reminding us of God’s presence in our life. There are numerous opportunities for the College community to celebrate the Eucharist in a range of settings provided by the Jesuit community.

The Arrupe Outreach Program

The Jesuit formation process seeks to prepare its students for life-long and generous service of others, to be men for others who manifest a particular concern for the poor.

The Arrupe Outreach Program is the Junior School Community Service program. One of the aims of this program is to develop a belief in the students that they do have much to offer the wider community, and that their positive contribution can make a difference to individuals and to society. Each class chooses a welfare agency, charity or project to focus on for the year. The students are encouraged to learn more about the charity, agency or project through research and exploration. The class is then encouraged to raise awareness of their focus in the College community. This initiative is not meant to be just one where the students have to meet a financial goal but also to allow them to learn about ways to serve others through action and reflection.


At St Aloysius’ College we celebrate many of our Jesuit and Church Feasts throughout the year and they are always wonderful experiences, vibrant and life giving. Parents and friends are always welcome to attend College liturgies.


Every Wednesday, the liturgy prefects, boys and staff organise Mass in the Junior School Chapel (and foyer). These Masses are organised for each class throughout the year and all boys are encouraged to attend their class Mass. Parents and friends and always welcome. Mass commences at 8.05am


The sacrament of Reconciliation or a Penitential Service occurs in the Junior School. Some groups will receive Reconciliation or a Penitential Service through their Religious Education class. At the end of Term III, the Year 3 boys receive their first Holy Communion. The Sacrament of Confirmation is parish-based as our boys come from different dioceses. In conjunction with our local Parishes, our boys are prepared and presented for the Sacrament of Confirmation.