Senior Student Absences

Assistant Heads of Year are responsible for the maintenance of the attendance register for each Year Group in the Senior School. Notification from home must be prior to 8.30am via telephone or email of an absence, for any given day. Upon return to school, students must present a written signed note explaining the absence. Details of Assistant Heads of Year and their absentee contacts are listed below:

Head of Year (Absentee) & Assistants

Year 7
Head of Year - Mr Michael Hughes
Assistant Head of Year - Mr Paul Luchi
02 9936 5657
[email protected]
Year 10
Head of Year - ​Ms Che Walsh-Kemp
Assistant Head of Year - Mr Andrew Cheney
02 9936 5649
[email protected]
Year 8
Head of Year - ​Ms Danae Bramble
Assistant Head of Year - Ms ​Eileen Quinane
02 9936 5652
[email protected] 
Year 11
Head of Year - Mr ​David Comito
Assistant Head of Year - ​Miss Isobel Mort
02 9936 5625
[email protected]
Year 9
Head of Year - ​Lucas Good
Assistant Head of Year - Mrs ​Dianne Rogers
02 9936 5658
[email protected]
Year 12
Head of Year - Mr Mark Gair
Assistant Head of Year - Mr Michael Taylor
02 9936 56​60
[email protected]

Junior Student Absences

School starts at 8.30am. Students late to the College must report to the Junior School receptionist and present their diary for signing. 

For absences, the College needs to be notified by email or phone by 9.00am. Upon return to the College, students must present their homeroom teacher with a written note explaining their absence.


Should your son arrive late or need to leave the College early please notify your son’s classroom teacher or Debby Edwards via email​. Alternatively you can phone the College on 9955 9200. Students will need to report to the Junior School Reception and be signed into school or to be signed out of the College by a parent or College representative.