Student Wellbeing is central to our mission

As a Jesuit school we encourage pastoral care activities that endeavour to find loving and generous ways of serving God and each other. In striving for this, we seek the deeper wellbeing of each person and take a personal interest in the development of the whole person, educating the heart and the mind.

Student wellbeing is and always has been of the utmost importance to St Aloysius' College. Jesuit Education models have historically always placed a high importance on the formation of the whole person. A number of Student Wellbeing Programs are in place to support this goal.

In the Junior School

Wellbeing in the Junior School promotes a positive, whole-school culture where each student can feel connected with others and flourish in a sense of his gifts, achievements and personal dignity.

There is a biennial Junior School screening for anxiety that is run to pick up potential problems. This is typically done towards the end of Term I/beginning of Term II so any normal anxiety experienced by students at the beginning of the school year may have resolved itself.

There is also a range of early intervention and prevention programs as well as in-class programs to promote student mental health and wellbeing. Boys also spend time bonding and sharing time together at the Years 3 and 4 getaways, the Year 5 camp and the Year 6 trip to Canberra.

In the Senior School

The Pastoral Care System, Retreats/Reflection days, PDHPE and Religion classes and Alternate Programs all help the boys to discover what wellbeing means for them and how they might achieve it.

In general, the wellbeing programs aim to provide Years 7 – 9 with 'Skills for School' and Years 10 – 12 with skills for 'Life after School'.

Students will be offered a number of learning opportunities including The Resilient Adolescent Program (RAP), Road Safety, Drug Education, Respectful Relationships, Digital Citizenship, and Gratitude and Charity. These are delivered through a combination of both the Pastoral Care System and curriculum related classes.

Pastoral Mentors are the significant adult in the life of each student at the College. The role of the Pastoral Mentor is to guide and mentor their allocated Pastoral Group throughout the year, monitoring student wellbeing and offering encouragement and support for each individual student by providing care, guidance and responding to their day-to-day needs.

Heads of Year work in partnership with the Pastoral Mentors and all staff at the College, who unite in the spirit of Ignatian formation to prioritise each student's welfare.

The Youth Minister spends time with students in both a faith-based and pastoral care role. The role of the Youth Minister has grown to become an important part of student development and pastoral care, offering interactive student liturgy, relevant student retreats and assisting with the Aloysian Faith in Service programs together with an ongoing interest in the well-being of each student.