At St Aloysius’ College there are structured networks of support for each Year level. For Years 3 to 6 the main contact is the classroom Teacher. They are also supported by the Junior School Chaplain and Counsellors and guided by the Deputy Head and Head of Junior School.

In the Senior School individual teachers monitor the progress of our students and offer individual care. The Head of Year is a point of focus for both pastoral and discipline issues. They are guided by our Head of Senior School and work closely with him and the Principal. They play an integral aspect of the well-being of the student and their growth. They collaborate closely with and communicate with members of the Pastoral Care Team which include our counsellors, Youth Minister, Director of Pastoral Services and Rector.

Tutor Group System

A group of students from each year level get to know and form solid relationships with each other through a vertical Tutor Group system. Consequently, they are able to draw on each other for support in times of need and to celebrate significant occasions as well. Teachers taking on the role as Tutors take a personal interest in each student and over time have a special role to play in the care and development of each student. Tutors help guide the intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual and moral development of their tutees. The Tutors are one of the principal points of contact in all matters related to the student.

In Tutor Group meetings, Tutors encourage Senior students' initiative and leadership and should lead discussions towards deeper matters including areas of faith and justice which Tutors plan and initiate with the help of the Head of Student Formation. Tutors are encouraged to liaise with parents, Year Co-ordinators and others on pastoral matters, educational progress and other issues of concern.

As well as individual teachers monitoring the progress of our students and offering individual care, cura personalis, there are significant adults who support their journey at the College such as the Counsellor, Youth Minister and Chaplains. Career counselling is available for all students. Year 10 students are individually advised about HSC subject choices. Year 12 students are assisted with their applications for tertiary study and beyond.