Students learn how to resolve conflict in a safe environment

Mock Mediation is growing in popularity as many Australians are choosing to try mediation over litigation.

Students can learn the skills they need to resolve conflicts without a courtroom.

The competition is open to Year 9 – 10 students and so can work as a natural precursor to the Mock Trial Competition in senior years.

Mock Mediation is an initiative of The Law Society of New South Wales assisted by volunteers from the legal profession. Teams are given a scenario and need to break it down and resolve the issue using forward thinking, positive communication and cooperative problem solving skills.

Students must try and deal with conflicts to avoid going to Court and deal with the dispute, consider options and work towards an agreement that will meet the needs of all parties. The skills required for mediation are particularly relevant to personal development. They include active listening, self-awareness, questioning, analysing, empathising, speaking clearly and logically and creative thinking.

Mediation is based on values such as respect for self and others, accepting difference, personal integrity and a belief that conflict, if handled properly, can result in a change for the better. This competition is a fantastic and fun way to help students learn to resolve conflict.​