Since the days of its foundation in 1879, the College has supported families in need. In more recent times, the Bursary Program has been formalised. Over almost a century and a half, thousands of boys have thus enjoyed an Aloysian formation. In the past six years alone, nearly one hundred students have been assisted through the program. In our Jesuit tradition, we often speak of a faith that does justice. The Bursary Program is one significant way we seek to pursue distributive justice.

The College offers no form of talent-based scholarship (academic, music or sporting). Instead, the Bursary Program provides means-tested bursaries to boys who would not otherwise be able to attend the College. It seeks to ensure that the College remains an inclusive and diverse school, representative of the wider community. A bursary exists for the boy and not for the promotion of the College.

These students make an enormous contribution to College life. We style the Bursary “a debt of honour” and so many of these students go on, in time, to support the Bursary program themselves – passing on the assistance that they once received, and supporting a new generation of students in turn.

What makes the St Aloysius’ Bursary Program even more special is that it relies solely on the generosity of the Aloysian family and is neither in receipt of any government funding nor subsidised from school fees. It takes to heart the Gospel mandate that “from those who have been given much, much is to be expected” (Luke 12:48).

The College aims eventually to have 20% of its students on some form of financial assistance. In partnership with large-hearted benefactors, the lives of many young men will be changed. Knowing what it is to be an Aloysian. Knowing how to leave their stamp upon the world – for the better.

If you would like a confidential discussion regarding the possibility of applying for a Bursary, please contact the Registrar.