Applications for Years 3 and 5, 202​2 and Year 7, 202​3 will close on ​29 January 2021.  Parents who have not yet made an enrolment application on behalf of their son(s) are invited to do so now.

If you would like to apply for any of the above entry years please complete and return an Application for Enrolment to the Registrar.  Following receipt of the application the College will forward notification of the Entrance Examination date and request additional documentation in support of the application, including the Parish Reference.  This documentation will need to be completed and returned to the College by no later than 29 January 2021.

Applications for Year 7, 202​3 bursaries will also close on 29 January 2021.  If you would like to apply for a Bursary or would like further information in relation to College's Bursary Program please contact the Registrar.

Entrance Examinations for Years 3 and 5, 2022 and Year 7, 202​3 will be held in February 20​21.  Please note that the completed Registration Form and Parish Reference must be received by the College no later than 29 January 2021 to ensure that your son can sit their relevant entrance exam. The dates are as follows:-

Entry Year               Examination Date

Year 3, 2022            ​Thursday, 18 February 20​21

Year 5, 202​2            Saturday, 2​0 February 20​21

Year 7, 202​3            ​Saturday, 20 February 20​21

The College has written to all families who have lodged an Application for Enrolment on behalf of their son(s) for one of these ​Year groups with further information regarding the entrance examination process. If you believe that your son is due to sit one of these exams and ​you have not yet received correspondence from the College we recommend that you contact the Registrar immediately.

The College is also accepting applications for Years 3 and 5, 2023 and Year 7, 2024 and beyond.