St Aloysius’ College holds that it is the teacher who has the capacity to make the most profound impact on the education and formation of the individual student. At its heart, teaching is a relational enterprise. As such, the College prioritises the role of teachers and support and operational staff.

St Aloysius’ College recognises the vital importance of maintaining high standards of teaching. As a Jesuit school it supports and encourages the on-going professional development and spiritual formation of all teaching staff. Staff selection and appointment processes aim to attract and retain exceptional teachers who can provide students with the best possible academic experience. All staff at St Aloysius’ are called to be men and women who carry our Ignatian charism. In addition to the high standards of professionalism in their teaching, their personal witness of faith influences the formation of each student of the College.  

The role of staff extends beyond teaching. They, in partnership with parents, have the major responsibility for the moral and intellectual formation of the students in their care. They involve themselves in co-curricular activities and develop close and meaningful relationships with students. Pastoral Mentors in the Senior School and Home Room Teachers in the Junior School are responsible for the day-to-day care of the students. This ranges from disciplining students, to guidance on academic and personal issues through a pastoral care structure that endeavours to know each student at a personal level.

The College employs approximately 150 staff, most of whom work full-time. The College is a strong proponent of equal employment opportunity in its recruitment policies and especially acknowledges that its students need both male and female roles models for character formation. In addition to permanent staff, approximately 80 staff are contracted as tutors and coaches supporting our Music and Sport departments respectively.

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