The College operates with a dual leadership model

Since the late 1990s, Jesuit schools in Australia have operated with a dual leadership model. Each school has a lay Principal and a Jesuit Rector who are jointly responsible for the leadership of the College on a daily basis.

The Principal, as Head of School, is responsible for the management, good order and quality of performance of the College, as well as the educational and pastoral welfare of the students and staff. He is assisted by a Jesuit Rector who is responsible for the spiritual and religious health of the College community and all such programs to nourish its development.

St Aloysius’ College has a Senior School and a Junior School. The Head of Senior School and the Head of Junior School have delegated responsibility from the Principal for the day-to-day running of their respective campuses.

The College Executive is comprised of the Principal, the Rector, Director of Staff, Director of Teaching & Learning, Head of Senior School, Head of Junior School, Director of Finance, Director of Development, Director of Faith & Justice and Director of Co-Curricula. The College Executive is the senior operational team of the College and is a decision-making body that also forms strategy and manages projects aligned to the College’s mission and strategic direction.

College Leadership 2021