An Invitation to Cooperate

(94) Greater understanding of how to adapt and apply the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm to the wide variety of educational settings and circumstances which characterise Jesuit schools around the world will come about as we work with the Paradigm in our relationships with students both in and outside the classroom and discover through those efforts concrete, practical ways of suing the Paradigm that enhance the teaching-learning process. It can be expected, moreover, that many detailed and helpful treatments of the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm will be forthcoming that will be further enriched by the experience of teachers trained and practiced in applying the Paradigm within specific academic fields and disciplines. All of us in the work of Jesuit education look forward to benefiting from the insights and suggestions that other teachers have to offer.

(95) In the Ignatian spirit of cooperation, we hope that teachers who develop their own lessons or brief units in specific subjects of their curriculum utilising the Ignatian Paradigm will share them with others. Accordingly, from time to time we hope to make brief illustrative materials available. For this reason teachers are invited to send concise presentations of their use of the Ignatian Paradigm in specific subjects to:

The International Centre for Jesuit Education
Borgo S Spirito, 4
CP 6139
00195 Rome, ITALY