The Australian Jesuit Province consists of Australia, with occasional involvement in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. There are some 130 Jesuits working alongside 2000 Companions engaged as partners in mission in over 40 works within Educational, Pastoral, Spirituality, Social, and Communications ministries.

The mission of the Australian Province - Jesuits and companions together - is to discern how and where God is calling us to engage in the crucial struggle of our times, namely to live by faith and to act justly. We are prophets and pragmatists, advocates and interpreters, doubters and believers, forgivers and forgiven, saints and sinners. We enter into conversation with people of many cultures and with those estranged from the church. Our desire is to walk with companions who accompany, serve and plead the cause of those made poor. We commit ourselves to those who lack voice and need asylum, those who have inadequate income, the homeless and those who struggle to live decently. We hope to work with people of good will to bring about structural change for justice. We encourage our fellow women and men to witness to the Gospel in the world. We desire hearts more compassionate and a world more just. We strive to be inwardly free to go boldly wherever we are sent, to be mobile and creative in our ministry. We stand ready to respond to requests, local and international, from the church and from the broader community. We seek to promote reflective habits of mind that lead to action for social change. We seek to engage imaginatively with the world. We hope to foster communities of hospitality, compassion and reconciliation, entering into genuine relationships, both in celebration and in sorrow. We seek to be based in faith communities that are prayerful and discerning. We aspire to honour human experience, to sift desire and to find God in all things. As companions we strive to be welcoming, discerning and courageous.

Province Orientation

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Welcome 3
Our Spirituality 4
Our Mission 6
Our Province 8
Our People 9
Our Ministries and Works 10
Our Governance 11
Our History:  
Ignatius and the early Jesuits 12
Arriving in Australia 13
Becoming a Province 14
A Timeline 15
Terms and Phrases 20

Jesuit Schools

St Aloysius’ College belongs to the network of Jesuit Schools in Australia which includes three other Jesuit owned schools: Xavier College Melbourne, Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview, and Saint Ignatius’ College Adelaide – and five partnered schools: John XXIII College in Perth, Loyola College Watsonia, Saint Ignatius Geelong, Loyola Senior High School Mt Druitt, and Xavier Catholic College Hervey Bay. 

Australian Jesuit Schools List