IT in the Senior School

St Aloysius’ has integrated technology into all aspects of its curriculum. The information technology opportunities rely on working with students, staff and families in using technology to develop educational potential and learning skills to integrate technology effectively into their lives and learning environment.

Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD)

In the Senior School your son will transition to the College's BYODD program.  All students in Year 7 2020 will require their own personal laptop.  More information in relation to the College's BYODD program can be found here or via Manresa.

The College encourages all students to be responsible Digital Citizens and has in place systems to ensure that IT is being used for academic purposes only at the College.  More information in relation to IT support at the College can be found here.

Mobile Phones

In the Senior School mobile phones are not allowed in classrooms. Students are instructed to switch off their mobile phones in the morning and place them into their locker for the duration of the day.  In an event that students need to communicate with parents, they have access to a telephone on the Senior School reception.