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Page Background

In the Senior School, immersions to the

Philippines, Timor Leste and Kempsey are

offered. The College’s relationship with these

communities has been developed over a

number of years. The reflection process which

is part of the experience helps students to

consider more deeply the way they will live in

the world and the call of Jesus to love God and

one another.

In the Junior School, the

Arrupe Outreach


introduces students to experiences

and communities that allow them to develop

their social conscience.

The College has been actively involved in

the establishment of a Jesuit Indigenous


Redfern Jarjum College

. Assistance

is also provided to recent graduates with

service year opportunities in Micronesia,

Thailand, and East Timor through the

Cardoner Project

. The College also

contributes to a Jesuit school and teacher

training college In Timor Leste.

A Jesuit education promotes depth and universality…of specific goals that make it not just

a noble humanitarian work, but a service of the Gospel. If we dream of an educational

system that teaches people to decide from inside, from the depths of their hearts, and to

serve generously not just a tribe, but as broad a slice of humanity as it can, it is because

these were the goals of Jesus, and the only reason Jesuit schools exist is to serve humanity

according to the vision and the spirit of the Gospel.

Fr Adolfo Nicolas SJ (2009)