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From the Rector

We are involved in education because we believe in

young people and their potential. As part of a Jesuit

tradition since 1547, we know that education has

the power to transform lives for the better. We strive

to be a welcoming community that recognises

the learning foundations shaped at home are an

important part of the Ignatian formation offered

at St Aloysius’ College. Our community of students,

staff and families combine to create an environment

where learning is valued, and all are encouraged to

contribute to society with whatever capacity they


We seek to form young people who appreciate

the gift of their faith and are committed to serving

others. Upon graduation, it is hoped that students

of St Aloysius’ College will be open to growth


intellectually competent




loving and

committed to justice


We want them to ask the

deeper questions, to have the courage to step

beyond comfort zones, to be sensitive to God in

their lives and seek Christ in all things, to make

choices for the dignity of others and to be loving

in their relationships. We hope they will display a

genuine concern for others, especially those in our

world who are disadvantaged or live on the margins

of society. We believe in the wisdom of that saying

‘the heart of education is education of the heart’.

Jesuit education aims at joining

learning and virtue and developing

a faith that does justice. It means

the ideal of being young men

and women . . . who know that

life is only lived well when lived

generously in the service of others.

It means helping them to discover

that what they most have to offer is

who they are rather than what they


Characteristics of Jesuit Education (1986)