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From the Principal

St Aloysius’ College is a Jesuit school for boys established in 1879.

For over 135 years it has served the city of Sydney by educating

boys in the Catholic humanistic tradition inspired by the example

of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. The College shares this mission with 700

other Jesuit schools throughout the world.

St Aloysius’ College is committed to an education for each student

that proposes Christ as the model for human life; pursues excellence

in teaching and learning; and promotes lifelong learning and

spiritual growth.

Overlooking the beautiful Sydney Harbour and next to its Bridge,

the College supports parents in the formation of their sons into

young men. Consistent with the Ignatian tradition of education,

the College’s religious, educational, pastoral and co-curricular

programs are aimed at forming ‘men for others’ - young men who

are compassionate, resilient, gentle, intellectually curious, dutiful,

adventurous, heroic, loving and open to God.

The College’s motto

Ad Majora Natus

, ‘Born for Greater Things’,

encapsulates the belief that each student is called to the truth,

beauty and goodness found in the person of Jesus.

Mark Tannock




The College’s motto

‘Born for Greater

Things’ encapsulates

the belief that “each

student is called to

the truth, beauty and

goodness found in the

person of Jesus”