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Page Background

The study of the arts as a means of developing

the creative, imaginative and aesthetic sense

is encouraged. The College has an outstanding

reputation for the quality and range of dramatic

productions. Opportunities are offered to students

to study all aspects of dramatic production

including acting, scriptwriting, set design, lighting

design, sound design, costume design, direction, set

construction and stage management.

The Music Department has an innovative and

vibrant program. Music performance is a key

component in the co-curricular program and music

forms a special part of our College Community.

As a co-curricular activity, students are expected

to commit to their selected ensemble, just as for

any team activity. Large numbers of students learn

instruments and undertake vocal studies.

Debating and Public Speaking at the College has

a long tradition. From their earliest days, Jesuit

schools stressed

eloquentia perfecta

, or ‘

a good

person speaking well’

, being able to communicate

according to the capacity of their audience. Every

student participates, at least at class level, to

acquire confidence in public speaking and every

opportunity is given for those who wish to pursue

their interest further.