Our main objective is “FRIENDRAISING,” that is to get the Aloysian Family together in both large and small groups as often as possible. We hold General Meetings at the Juana Mateo Room once every term commencing at 7.30pm. These meetings are open to all. This is an opportunity to come together in discussion and to put words into action. At this, our Rector and Principal give a report.

A committee having term of office of one year runs the P&F. We are the co-ordinating body of all parental activity. Our extended committee of Class Co-Ordinators, Class Parents and carers ably assists us, in organizing year dinners and morning teas following each of the Year Masses.


The 2015 P & F Committee is:


Position Name
Mr Mark Tannock
Fr Peter Hosking SJ


Position Name
Chairman Robert Dick
President Mark de Vera
Vice President/President Elect Jane Brennan
Vice President/Pastoral Care Marte Tagle
Secretaries Eileen O'Sullivan
Michelle Nikopoulos
Assistant Secretaries Simone Spitznagel
Marie D'Cruz
Treasurers Mami Tsang
Rita McRae
Assistant Treasurer Carsten Matthai
Julliana Namkung-Matthai
Junior School Liaison Jacinta Lee
Co-curricula Liaison Michael Polack
Prayer Group Co-ordinator Edwin Lapitan 
Email Us pandf@staloysius.nsw.edu.au


The Parent Association at the College is affiliated with The Council of Catholic School Parents (CCSP) as well as the NSW Parents' Council. Accordingly we have access to some excellent resources which you can access via the links below. 

(Please note that access to these resources is for affiliated parent associations and their schools only so please consider this before sharing with others.) 

The Council of Catholic School Parents (CCSP) is the peak body representing the interests of all Catholic school parents in NSW and is the largest non-government school parent body in NSW.

The NSW Parents’ Council is the peak body in NSW representing parents with children at non-government schools.