Spiritual Life

The motto of the Jesuits is Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam (‘for the greater glory of God’). During his time at the College, each student is offered a diversity of spiritual experiences. Sacramental and liturgical programmes, retreats and reflection days aim at helping each student’s pursuit of personal spiritual maturity.

Ignatian Spirituality seeks to:


  • Develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Find God in all things
  • Express a commitment to helping others, especially the poor and those in need
  • Discern, through prayer, how God is moving and shaping the student’s inner life
  • Create God’s Kingdom on earth in companionship with others.


St Aloysius’ College is a Jesuit school for boys providing a Catholic education which:


  • Proposes Christ as the model of human life
  • Pursues excellence in teaching and learning
  • Promotes lifelong learning and spiritual growth


During their time at St Aloysius’ College, students are offered a diversity of spiritual experiences. Through sacramental and liturgical programmes, retreats and reflection days we hope to develop each student’s pursuit of their faith and personal spiritual maturity.

Prayer is an integral part of school activities and hopefully the daily life of the students. Each class begins by praying together. In the tradition of being contemplatives in action, there are times when both students and teachers pray a guided reflection. The Ignatian prayer of The Examen helps staff and students review the past day and plan ahead through the lens of faith. Junior School classes keep a journal of their reflections.

Every student from Year 5 to Year 11 participates in retreats or camps once a year. These experiences further the students’ relationship with God. Students are encouraged to understand their feelings and aspirations more deeply and to appreciate what it means to live in a community where the purpose is to love and serve others. Each year level has a particular focus. The Year 7 Day of Belonging, for example, looks at developing relationships, whereas the Year 10 retreat has service as its theme. In Year 12, voluntary Kairos retreats held over four days of the school holidays are offered during the year.

Ours is a socially engaged spirituality. Such a formation in faith draws the student to an outwardly focussed orientation where one’s abilities and talents are not regarded as assets to be selfishly hoarded, but gifts to be spent generously in the service of others.

The College Chapel

The geographical heart of this College is the Chapel. A central stained glass window reveals the spirit of various Jesuits over the centuries. The organ is a feature of the Chapel supporting both liturgical worship and the College’s music programme. In retreats, the religious education programme, and communal or individual worship, opportunities are provided to glimpse the wonder of God within each student and the community.