The Academic Curriculum of St Aloysius’ College has an emphasis on pursuing excellence in Humanities, the Sciences and the Creative Arts. The normal progression for most students is to University study and the emphasis of the academic programme reflects this. For this reason the curriculum does not include subjects from Technical or Vocational areas.

While carefully following the requirements of the NSW Board of Studies, there are opportunities to choose texts or electives reflecting Ignatian values. The programme of study is designed to promote a lifelong love of learning whilst developing the whole person. Education in the Ignatian tradition is reflective learning. Learning how to learn, promoting independent learning, developing research and investigative skills, and exploring the significance and relevance of what is learnt are all priorities in our academic programme.

Exceptional HSC performance has been indicated by significant numbers listed in the Premiers All Rounders list as well as the high number of students in the Top Achievers List (top placing in a subject). The Jesuit tradition of promotion of the Creative Arts has been reflected in excellent achievement in these areas with a number of students being selected for ArtExpress (Visual Arts), On Stage (Drama) and Encore (Music).

St Aloysius’ recognises the vital importance of maintaining high standards of teaching, and supports and encourages the on-going professional and personal development of all teaching staff. Staff selection and appointment processes aim to attract and retain exceptional teachers who can provide students with the best possible learning opportunities. The staff at St Aloysius’ are called to be men and women of the Spirit, knowing that, in addition to the high standards of professionalism in their teaching, their personal example influences student character

The role of staff extends beyond teaching. They have the major responsibility for the moral and intellectual formation of the students in their care. They involve themselves in co-curricular activities and develop close and meaningful relationships with students. Year Co-ordinators are responsible for the day-to-day care of the students in their year level. This ranges from disciplining students to guidance on academic and personal issues.

St Aloysius’ is a partially selective school (partially selective in that prospective students must fit comfortably into the academic system of teaching). In the selection of students, the College takes into consideration factors other than just academic results. As a Catholic school the family’s faith commitment and service involvement are important. Families with a connection with St Aloysius’ or a Jesuit school are considered but enrolment is not guaranteed on this basis.

As an academic school we want students to be able to cope with a particular style of learning environment – otherwise the self-esteem of a child of different abilities may be affected. A student’s spiritual and social development is important as well as how a family may fit into the community.

Pastoral needs are also considered where a particular family may benefit from our type of support. We do need our school to be diverse, so within the capacity of our Bursary Fund, and as part of our outreach programme, we seek to assist some with limited means who would benefit from the opportunities offered at St Aloysius’.

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Enrichment and Extension Programmes

The Junior School has a wide range of activities to cater for the needs and development of gifted and talented students. These activities include drama, competitions (English, Maths and Science), chess, lateral thinking groups, debating, Tournament of Minds and a number of Gifted and Talented workshops offered by the University of NSW and the Junior School Heads Association of Australia (JSHAA). These programmes are conducted both during and after school hours. A Learning Enrichment teacher is available to assist students to reach their academic potential. The teacher coordinates extension and enrichment opportunities for more able students, provides support to the classroom teachers for strategies to assist individual students in their learning and provides professional development opportunities for staff.

Information Technology

St Aloysius’ has integrated technology into all aspects of its curriculum. In 2013 the College became one of the first schools in Australia to distribute mobile technology devices to every student in the Senior School in the form of Apple iPads. The information technology opportunities rely on working with students, staff and families in using technology to develop educational potential and learning skills to integrate this technology effectively into their lives and learning environment.