Developing the Whole Person

Cura personalis (care of the person) is at the heart of Jesuit education. Cura personalis should underlie all encounters between staff and students whether they be routine classes, retreats and immersions, sport, drama, musical productions, excursions, clubs and societies or camps. There is no substitute for ensuring that every student is well known and understood by a member of staff. This relationship is so important that we want to do everything possible to strengthen it. Every aspect of Jesuit education contributes to the development of each individual person.

St Aloysius’ College comprises students from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences and with many different interests, talents and needs. Ideally each student is seen as gifted and unique, as a blessing from God to his parents and St Aloysius’ where he is encouraged to develop and achieve at a pace suited to his ability and personality

The College aims to provide the caring family environment vital to the formation of well-adapted individuals. Teaching staff, student services and the co-curricular programme assist in the religious, intellectual and personal development of each student.

At St Aloysius’ this is structured according to networks of support in the school for each year level. For Years 3 to 6 the principal carer is the Homeroom Teacher. They are also supported by the Junior School Chaplain and Counsellors. All Junior School students participate in Annual Camps which build their relationships and sense of welcome and inclusivity for all

In the Senior School, Year Co-ordinators are responsible for the day-to-day care of the students in their year. This ranges from disciplining students to guidance on academic and personal issues. In the Junior School this role is undertaken by the Class teachers.

The Tutor System

In the Senior School, a group of students from each year level get to know and form solid relationships with each other through a vertical Tutor Group system. Consequently, they are able to draw on each other for support in times of need and to celebrate significant occasions as well. Teachers taking on the role as Tutors take a personal interest in each student and over time have a special role to play in the care and development of each student. Tutors help guide the intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual and moral development of their tutees. The Tutor is one of the principal points of contact in all matters related to the student.

In Tutor Group meetings, Tutors encourage Senior students' initiative and leadership and should lead discussions towards deeper matters including areas of faith and justice which Tutors plan and initiate with the help of the Head of Student Formation. Tutors are encouraged to liaise with parents, Year Coordinators and others on pastoral matters, educational progress and other or issues of concern.

Chaplaincy Services

There are a number of Counsellors, Chaplains and a Youth Minister who work in the College to assist in the care of students. There are also regular programmes on anti-bullying, drug and alcohol use, resilience, positive education, appropriate use of technology and the like. These programmes aim to help staff and parents work together to discuss with students topics important to their well- being.

Support Programmes

The College offers a number of programmes which focus on building up the resilience of each student. These include Seasons for Growth which deals with grievance issues, Cool Kids, helping with mental health strategies, Companions, which supports students who may be in need of additional adult support in their lives and Rock and Water, helping with physical and social interaction and building resilience.

Career Counselling

Career counselling is available for all students. Year 10 students are individually advised about HSC subject choices. Year 12 students are assisted with their applications for tertiary study and beyond.