Tutor Group System

Retreats, Camps and Days of Reflection

The Arrupe Outreach Program (Junior School)

The Jesuit formation process seeks to prepare its students for life-long and generous service of others, to be men for others who manifest a particular concern for the poor.

The Arrupe Outreach Program is the Junior School Community Service program. One of the aims of this program is to develop a belief in the students that they do have much to offer the wider community, and that their positive contribution can make a difference to individuals and to society. Each class chooses a welfare agency, charity or project to focus on for the year. The students are encouraged to learn more about the charity, agency or project through research and exploration. The class is then encouraged to raise awareness of their focus in the College community. This initiative is not meant to be just one where the students have to meet a financial goal but also to allow them to learn about ways to serve others through action and reflection.

The Arrupe Family Outreach Program provides opportunities for current and past parents and Old Boys of the College to be with the poor and marginalised in some of the Jesuit social ministries. Their motto is learning to serve whilst serving to learn.

Aloysian Faith in Service Program (Senior School)

The Year 10 to Year 11 Faith in Service Program students are placed with those in need – be they materially poor, the elderly, the disabled or others who experience disadvantage. Through this experience students gain an insight into many aspects of life for the marginalised, the infirm and the poor. Guided reflection on such experiences allows meaning to surface so that values and understandings can be shaped.

Outreach and Charity Programs

Outreach and Charity Programs enrich the experience of students by offering opportunities to show respect and compassion to those others especially those beyond the College community.

Most year levels have responsibility for learning about and raising funds for agencies that serve the poor. St Aloysius’ actively supports Jesuit works including the Jesuit Refugee Service, Jesuit Mission, Jesuit Social Services, Redfern Jarjum College, as well as Catholic charities such as St Vincent de Paul and Caritas. The Junior School also supports Jesuit schools in Cambodia, Micronesia and East Timor, the Deaf and Blind School, James Milson Nursing Home and others. The Senior School also supports St Canice’s Parish in Kings Cross, Legacy, St Vincent de Paul, the Heart Foundation and others.

Immersion Programs to the Philippines, East Timor and Kempsey

These experiences are designed to challenge students beyond their culture and comfort zones to learn more about themselves, the marginalised in our world and God.

Groups of Year 11 students participate in the Philippines Immersion held over a three week period. Students visit a prison and are billeted with the prisoners’ families, live with the Gawad Kalinga community and help build houses, are billeted with families at a partner school in Kiangan, and spend time in an orphanage.

The Timor-Leste Immersion is held over a two week period in the mid-year holidays. Students visit the new Jesuit school outside of Dili, Colégio Santo Inácio de Loiola, and stay in villages near the Jesuit Mission in Railaco. All Immersions have an extensive reflective process and a strong faith component.

Some Year 9 students take part in the Nambucca Heads – Kempsey Immersion where they participate in Aboriginal cultural experiences. They are billeted with families from St Paul’s School Kempsey and spend time with students at St Mary’s School, Bowraville.

Support Programs such as Seasons for Growth, Companions Program and ACCESS Counselling

Seasons for Growth is a peer support program about coping with bereavement and loss. The program aims to promote healthy and meaningful adjustment to loss and change. Students in small groups of five and six are taken through a six-week program.

The Companions Program is a school-based mentoring program which provides adult mentors for those students in need of additional adult support in their lives, and others. The mentors aim to be positive role models who offer support, guidance and encouragement to their mentees. The program usually takes place over two years with constant contact between the mentor, mentee and Director of the program.

ACCESS is a professional counselling organisation that all members of the College are encouraged to attend if needing additional support.

Parent and Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association helps with the pastoral needs of families at the College, and involves specific programs for parents including SAC SOLO, a support group for single parents, and Seasons for Growth for Parents, for parents coping with separation and loss.