Pastoral Care Teams

The College has specialised Pastoral Care teams such as Chaplains, Tutors, Youth Minister and Counsellors, who oversee a wide-ranging and hands-on Pastoral Care System.

The Chaplains

The Chaplains are members of the Chaplaincy Team which is inspired at all times by the highest Ignatian ideals of leadership, companionship and pastoral care. The Chaplains provide opportunities for students in their care to explore and deepen their relationship with God and others in the College community in the Ignatian tradition of cura personalis. The Chaplains do this by being involved in and offering a variety of experiences to the students in the areas of retreats, liturgy, Sacramental life, and interviews, which may be on a one-to-one basis or in groups. The Chaplains can encourage Ignatian prayer and spirituality as well as being resource persons for other programs run through the College.



The Tutors

The Tutors are the significant adults within the tutor group that assists with the welfare of the tutee. The Tutor Group System is a vertical system of support that develops connections and relationships within and between years. A wide range of activities help build a spirit of positive engagement.

Youth Minister

The Youth Minister spends time with students in both a faith-based and pastoral care role.

The role of Youth Minister has grown to become an important part of student development and pastoral care, offering interactive student liturgy, relevant student retreats, Arrupe Outreach programs, assisting with the Aloysian Faith in Service program and an ongoing interest in the well-being of each student.


School Counsellors

School counsellors work with students, teachers, parents, Year Co-ordinators and members of the Pastoral Care Team in a variety of ways. Their work includes:

  • counselling students;
  • assisting parents or carers to make informed decisions about their child's education;
  • liaising with other agencies concerned with the wellbeing of students; and
  • participating in pastoral care programs such as being a tutor, helping in Retreats, Belonging Days and Seasons for Growth.

School counsellors are members of College’s Pastoral Care Team and learning support teams.