One of the key tenets of a Jesuit Education is to form young men and women for and with others, developing leaders that exhibit the ideals of competence, conscience and compassion. Following on from this, there are six critical elements to our leadership formation here at Aloysius’.

  1. In all that we do we wish to extend our students to seek the Magis, that sense of doing their best, not necessarily to do more but to do what they do better.
  2. Jesuit Education inspires our young men to focus all that they do, as Ignatius would want us to, Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam, for the Greater Glory of God, so that all we do, all we put our mind to, is a direct consequence of seeking and finding God.
  3. The development of true leadership here at Aloysius’ often comes with a sense of purpose and direction, which seeks a unity of heart and mind. The key fabric of our relationships with one another depends on this sense of commitment and resolve.
  4. Often when considering the style of leadership we expect of our young men in their respective roles, we put to them the sense of seeing each person as an individual and knowing them as God does, with their own identity. We refer to this type of care for each other as Cura Personalis, an individual care where each is known for whom they are.
  5. The sense of being a young man working with and for others, pursing justice and exposing injustices is a vital element of the leadership programs we promote at St Aloysius’; a young man committed to not only considering the welfare of others and working on their behalf, but as is the case when we promote leadership, we ask our student leaders to walk beside others, in their shoes, being empathetic of their hardships and concerns.
  6. Finally, in all that we do we hope that our young men at Aloysius’ have been formed with a conscience that seeks to challenge injustice; so we hope for them to be agents of change, reflection on their experiences and hopefully in time being stirred into action.

The student leadership structure at St Aloysius’ College includes the election of Prefects in Year 12 and Monitors in Year 6. There is an executive of four – College Captain, Vice Captains and Chair of the Student Representative Council (SRC). Student voice is an important element of our leadership. An SRC exists in both the Junior and Senior Schools. Leadership structures also exist in Cadets, where much of our formation takes place.