St Aloysius’ College has a commitment to the development of the whole person. Sport and other co-curricular activities are seen as an integral part of the formation of students. Participation in cultural, sporting, spiritual and service programs of St Aloysius’ is expected of all students. St Aloysius’ teaching staff are involved in sporting or other co-curricular activities.

St Aloysius’ prides itself on developing programs that provide for each student’s interests and talents and that teach him to accept both success and failure graciously. We want him to become aware of the need to co-operate with others, using the best qualities of each individual to contribute to the well-being of the whole group. Emphasis is placed on effort and participation rather than winning at all costs. Students are encouraged to make an effort in their chosen activities and receive coaching assistance to develop their proficiency and potential. The importance of physical well-being is promoted in the sporting program, with the aim that health and fitness become an integral part of the students’ lifestyle.

  • Sport
    Our aim is to develop in each boy a passion for health, fitness and participating in physical activity/sport. Through achieving this we provide a foundation for a healthy lifestyle now and for the future. Sport
  • Music
    In the words of the Australian conductor and passionate advocate for music education, Richard Gill,
    "A truly educated mind has had music as part of its education. Every child in this country should have an opportunity to have a truly educated mind".