Use of ICT

St Aloysius’ has integrated technology into all aspects of its curriculum. In 2013 the College became one of the first schools in Australia to distribute mobile technology devices to every student in the Senior School in the form of Apple iPads. The information technology opportunities rely on working with students, staff and families in using technology to develop educational potential and learning skills to integrate this technology effectively into their lives and learning environment.

The College has since introduced the use of iPads for Years 6. The iPad is a device that empowers students and enables them to attempt and complete complex tasks within the classroom. Effective iPad classrooms are learning places where students respond to curriculum content that they have received digitally for the duration of the course being studied.

Teaching staff are regularly provided with opportunities to develop their skills in delivering curriculum via iPad. The College has also introduced the Canvas Learning Management System. This online delivery of curriculum is enabling student access to learning materials and greatly facilitates communication between student and teacher.