The St Aloysius' College Bursary Program aims to make a Jesuit education accessible by providing financial support to eligible boys and their families.

Bursaries are available for new students joining the College in Year 7 and 11. All applicants must meet our normal enrolment criteria and are required to sit an entrance examination either one or two years prior to their year of entry. At that time, the Registrar would contact you with more details and a clergy reference would be required from the Parish Priest or appropriate religious representative. As bursaries are means-tested, shortlisted applicants would be asked to provide, in confidence, details of their current financial situation after the examination. 

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application.

A Bursary will, in the first instance, be offered for one and, in the light of a review conducted annually, continued each year. It will cover part or all of the compulsory tuition fees. 

At the end of each year, the Bursary will be reviewed. This review will consider three factors:

  1. the ongoing financial status or situation of the family;
  2. satisfactory academic achievement and application of the student; and
  3. the degree to which the recipient avails himself of, and engages in, the life of the College.

It is the understanding of those who enjoy the benefits of the Bursary scheme to consider it as “a debt of honour”.  That is to say, in the longer term, when the recipient has left school and is financially established, he would in turn contribute towards the Bursary Fund in such a way that what he himself has received may also be available to others in need

For more information or to request a Bursary Application for Enrolment form please contact the Registrar on (02) 9936 5535 or email: