College Governance Changes

I am pleased to announce that St Aloysius’ College will soon be moving to a more contemporary and effective model of governance.

We are establishing a new incorporated legal entity responsible for the local governance and management of the College. These functions will be overseen by the Board of this new incorporated entity. The Principal and Rector will report to the College Board and the Board will report to a new entity, Jesuit Education Australia (JEA), and the Jesuit Provincial.

The new arrangement will enable a balance of local decision-making and strategic oversight from JEA. It will inform the way the College makes decisions and implements policies and will ultimately help the College achieve its objectives as a Jesuit ministry.

As the changes are at an administrative and governance level, staff, students and families will not notice any changes in the way the College operates. Our College community can be confident it will still experience the high standards of education and quality.

This is a contemporary approach to governance in schools, and one that will help St Aloysius’ College pursue its mission as a Jesuit school for boys into the future. The change comes with the full blessing of the Jesuit Provincial and the Society of Jesus, and all of the Jesuit schools involved.

Please click on the link below, to read a letter from Fr Brian McCoy SJ, Provincial of the Australian Province of the Society of Jesus.

Mark Tannock