An Ongoing Process

(68) This mode of proceeding can thus become an effective ongoing pattern for learning as well as a stimulus to remain open to growth throughout a lifetime.

(69) A repetition of the Ignatian paradigm can help the growth of a student:

  • who will gradually learn to discriminate and be selective in choosing experiences;
  • who is able to draw fullness and richness from the reflection on those experiences; and
  • who becomes self-motivated by his or her own integrity and humanity to make conscious, responsible choices.

(70) In addition, perhaps most important, consistent use of the Ignatian paradigm can result in the acquisition of life-long habits of learning which foster attention to experience, reflective understanding beyond self-interest, and criteria for responsible action. such formative effects were characteristic of Jesuit alumni in the early Society of Jesus. They are perhaps even more necessary for responsible citizens of the third millennium.