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St Aloysius’ College is a Catholic, Jesuit school for boys established in 1879. For over 135 years it has served the city of

Sydney by educating boys in the Christian humanistic tradition. The College shares this mission with over 700 other Jesuit

schools throughout the world and is part of an educational movement established in 1547 by St Ignatius of Loyola – founder

of the Society of Jesus. The College’s motto is

Ad Majora Natus

, ‘Born for Greater Things’. It is what St Aloysius Gonzaga

said to his father when he turned his back on worldly success, and chose to serve the poor and sick as a Jesuit.

At St Aloysius’ College, we embrace our Catholic identity; the opportunities for faith formation; the academic orientation of the

school; the priority it places upon a holistic education for boys; the accessibility and intimacy of the community; the authentic

traditions that have lasted for over a century; our beautiful location; and the generosity of the College’s teachers and parents

in the education of each student.

As a College community we are at our best when we exist at the tensions. When we embrace innovation


honour our

past; when we articulate our moral core


extending a pastoral hand; when we are humble


pursue a wilful path to

excellence; when we hunger for truth


embrace mystery; when we are apostolic


kenotic; when we are for the world


of the world.

We strive to be a loving community and we seek, in companionship with parents, to form virtuous young men who appreciate

their gifts, are seekers of truth, find meaning and joy in their lives, seek Christ in all things, ask the deeper questions, make

choices for the dignity of all people, and who are authentic in their relationships. We hope they will display a genuine

compassion for others, especially with and for the poor.

Our Strategic Plan is guided by the

Characteristics of Jesuit Education

and the

Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm


We commend

Quo Vadimus?

to you as a guide for our College in its sacred ministry in the years ahead.

Jock Murray

(SAC 1966)

Fr Peter Hosking SJ

Mark Tannock

Chair of College Council




STRATEGIC PLAN 2015 - 2017